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Long Term Care

The transition to a long-term care community can be very difficult for both the resident and their family. MemoryViews helps your loved one know they are still treasured and not forgotten by allowing them to stay connected to family through the photos shared with them. MemoryViews can also be used in communal areas to display photos of residents engaging and enjoying life in the community. 

Elderly woman in wheelchair with nurse

Long Term Care Products



This gorgeously cabineted 5-screen piece will be the first thing visitors see when they enter your community! The stunning landscape photos will be the gem of your lobby! There are also interactive prompts that engage the residents to participate in questions and use their critical thinking skills. Installation is included.


MemoryView TV

Our pre-curated “shows” are wholesome hour long programs that are sure to be a safe alternative to cable. These shows run all day and have a consistent theme that Life Engagement professionals can utilize for conversations. These shows will bring up treasured memories and make residents feel like they’ve interacted with the outside world. Examples include: Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Let’s Take a Trip, and Grocery Shopping. This device plugs into the back of any TV with an HDMI port!



This screen displays the pulse of your Community! Display your daily schedule, photos of residents at your latest event, and any of our beautiful pre-curated photos. The scheduling is completely under your control from our easy to use mobile app. Residents love seeing themselves on the screen and visiting families can get a feel for the community culture. An existing TV can be converted, or you can choose from a beautifully cabineted screen.

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