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A Multi-display centerpiece for the lobby of your community. Daily & seasonal themes showcase stunning photography that encourage conversations with the residents.

Elderly woman enjoying LobbyView

LobbyView was designed to be the centerpiece of your community lobby.  This is the wow factor! LobbyView is a multi-screen display that showcases stunning photos, in daily and seasonal themes, that gives your residents a spectacular experience as they enjoy stunning scenery. These photos bring comfort, encourage conversations, remind residents of places they have been and allows them to travel to new locations around the world.  The best way to describe our LobbyView is artwork that continually changes throughout the day.  Content is managed by the staff at MemoryViews.  Themes include Morning Sunrise, Evening Sunset, and Starry Nights; weekly themes like Majestic Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Around the World Wednesday, Travel Thursday, Furry Friends Friday, Sentimental Saturday, and Spiritual Sunday, plus many seasonal themes.

"The impact of the memory views goes beyond the effect it has on the residents, as it has brought me a sense of comfort and helped me maintain a positive perspective. I've had some difficult conversations with newer families as they adjust to the difficult move for their loved one. Thank you for showing families and reminding residents and me, there are good times still to share and to cherish these moments. Thank you for the enormous effort you put forth into this innovation that improves the lives of so many, ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

-Katy Starr

Life Engagement Manager

Autumn Leaves of South Austin

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