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Use MemoryViews at Home

Keep up to date on what’s going on in the lives of your friends and family. It’s easy to get busy and forget to call, but sending pictures from your phone is a snap! Whoever you want to stay in touch with, MemoryViews makes it easy. 

  • Close generational gaps and stay connected with your kids and parents

  • See real-time pictures from events that you couldn’t be a part of

  • Stay connected with family in other parts of the world

What is MemoryViews?

MemoryViews was created for people to Experience Life Connected™. It allows families, care communities, or businesses to create their own library of shared photo albums. Use our iOS app to manage and run your MemoryViews subscription on a Roku enabled device.

  • Subscription comes with curated photo albums with beautiful HD photos

  • Use our app to schedule album display times and durations

  • A roku enabled device or TV is required to run MemoryViews 

Family enjoying MemoryViews
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