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Getting Started with MemoryViews

Once you've purchased a MemoryViews Subscription, all you need to do is add our Channel to a Roku device. Learn everything there is to know about setting up your new MemoryView here. 

MemoryViews on iPhone

I already have a Roku Device

  • Great! You can add our channel by logging in to your Roku account online and clicking here. You can also add our channel by clicking on Account Settings, selecting "Add channel with a code" and entering the code MV2DEV.

I need a Roku Device

  • We offer locked MemoryViews Plug n' Play Sticks and MemoryView TV's on our store. Please Contact Us for MemoryViews TV shipping details and product options. 

  • MemoryViews can run on any Roku enabled Smart TV or Roku Device. You can purchase a Roku Stick or TV from any retailer like Amazon or Wal-Mart

  • To check if your TV supports Roku already, please visit Roku Support

Download our Roku App

  • Once you have your roku device set up, just log in to your Roku account online and add our channel by clicking here. Or you can go to your Account Settings, select "Add channel with a code" and enter the code MV2DEV.

Download our Mobile App

  • You can download our free mobile app to manage and upload images for your MemoryView. Our app is available on the iPhone App Store and on Google Play.

Need help getting set up?

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