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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MemoryViews?

  • MemoryViews is a company that wants people to experience life better connected to one another. During seasons of distance, MemoryViews allows you to stay connected to family, friends and a lifetime of memories through our app and software.

How does this all work?

  • Our app allows you to organize your photos into themes (digital photo albums).  These themes can then be displayed and viewed on a Roku enabled TV or device. You can even collaborate with family to create shared themes.  What makes our product unique is that you have the ability to schedule these photo albums to play at specific times of the day or week.

  • You simply add photos from your phone into the photo albums you have created through our app, schedule when you want them to run, and that’s it!  Your photos can be viewed within a minute of taking the photo.

How much is the app?

  • The app is free for you and your family.  After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, you will create an account.   You will use this account to begin creating your digital photo albums.  Your account credentials can be shared by the owner at his/her discretion, with family members to collaborate on creating albums and/or adding photos to current albums.

  • Residential clients can choose from two monthly subscriptions: Basic $29.95 or Premium $54.95 per month with no contract.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

How do I view my themes (digital photo albums)?

  • MemoryViews software runs on a Roku enabled TV or device.  Choose your monthly subscription and have a preloaded Roku stick sent to you today by calling our friendly representatives at 210-692-4462. This stick can plug into any existing TV with an HDMI port.  We also can ship our beautiful, cabineted (or framed), wall mountable, 32” or 43” TV options available.

  • Residential clients can choose from two monthly subscriptions:  Basic $29.95 or Premium $54.95 per month with no contract.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium subscriptions?

  • Basic Subscription:  $29.95 per month, includes our basic pre-curated photo themes: Sunrise, Inspiration, Reflection, Sunset, Starry Nights

  • Premium Subscription:  $54.95 per month, includes all Basic subscription themes and many more!  We continue to add pre-curated themes to our Premium subscription.

  • One subscription per account is required.


How does my family participate?

  • They will need to also download the free MemoryViews app in the App Store or Google Play Store.  After you have created your account, you can share your account credentials with them.  They will only have access to your MemoryViews photo albums.  You will all log into the same account to begin creating photo albums, or adding new photos to an existing album.


Can I have more than one MemoryView displaying content in my home?

  • Yes!  You can have one account displaying the same content in several rooms in your home or office.  You would just need to purchase additional pre-loaded Roku devices.  Likewise, you can have several accounts, each running their own content (monthly subscriptions would apply to each).

What are some different ways I can use MemoryViews to maximize the experience?

  • We would overwhelmingly suggest using your MemoryViews display as a piece of art on your wall that displays art (photos) that changes throughout the day.

  • Using a dedicated MemoryView display as a piece of art on your wall, you can schedule your photo albums to run 24/7 – no need to ever turn it off.

  • You can add our pre-loaded stick to your existing TV. Instead of turning your TV off and just looking at a large black screen, change the input to your MemoryView account and now you get to view the photo albums you created through our app.  So much better to look at than a black screen!

  • MemoryViews is a wonderful way to keep Grandpa and Grandma connected to the family.  As many lose the ability to continue to use technology and phones, MemoryViews gives you the ability to upload family photos of events, birthdays, etc. to their MemoryViews device allowing them to stay connected to family


What's the best format for uploading photos?

  • Photos displayed in landscape (16:9) format work best, but you can upload photos in any dimension.

Still have questions? 

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