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MemoryViews Mission Statement

The inspiration for MemoryViews came to be when the mother of our founder, Darroll Paiga, was living in an assisted living facility in Wisconsin. Since her children and grandchildren lived in Texas, California and Oregon, she was no longer able to visit and be a physical part of their lives. As her world grew small and isolated, Darroll set out to help his mother experience a life connected to the things she valued most – faith, family, and friendships. Through MemoryViews, he and his team made it easy to create and display cherished photo albums throughout her days and weeks. Darroll’s mom now feels like she is a part of what her family is doing again.

After seeing the blessings this has provided for his family he wanted to help bless your family, too.  Darroll’s mom is content in her community because she now feels more connected to her family. When photos are sent to her room, she participates in the life events her family experiences. You can imagine the potential heartache when she was not able to attend her grandson’s wedding, but through MemoryViews, she was able to see photos from the wedding, in real time, from the comfort of her own room. She was thrilled!


Each member of our team personally uses MemoryViews products to strengthen family relationships, and several team members have loved ones with dementia. For us, this is a personal business. We are deeply passionate about helping your family stay connected! 



"The impact of the memory views goes beyond the effect it has on the residents, as it has brought me a sense of comfort and helped me maintain a positive perspective. I've had some difficult conversations with newer families as they adjust to the difficult move for their loved one. Thank you for showing families and reminding residents and me, there are good times still to share and to cherish these moments. Thank you for the enormous effort you put forth into this innovation that improves the lives of so many, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ "

Katy Starr

Life Engagement Manager

Autumn Leaves of South Austin


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