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Experience Life Connected.

We believe that life was not meant to be lived apart from those we love most. Our services are focused on connecting families and fostering community in the midst of physical limitations or distance. 

What is MemoryViews?

MemoryViews was created for people to Experience Life Connected™. It allows families, care communities, or businesses to create their own library of shared photo albums. Use our iOS app to manage and run your MemoryViews subscription on a Roku enabled device.

  • Subscription comes with curated photo albums with beautiful HD photos

  • Use our app to schedule album display times and durations

  • A roku enabled device or TV is required to run MemoryViews 


Family enjoying MemoryViews

At Home Use

Keep up to date on what’s going on in the lives of your friends and family. It’s easy to get busy and forget to call, but sending pictures from your phone is a snap! Whoever you want to stay in touch with, MemoryViews makes it easy.

Family enjoying MemoryViews

Long-Term Care Communities

The transition to a long-term care community can be very difficult for both the resident and their family. MemoryViews helps your loved one know they are still treasured and not forgotten by allowing them to stay connected to family through the photos shared with them. MemoryViews can also be used in communal areas to display photos of residents engaging and enjoying life in the community.

Family enjoying MemoryViews

Memory Care

Memory Care is a difficult battle that we personally understand all too well. With MemoryViews, your loved ones can have a constant visual reminder of their family and their shared, long-term memories. MemoryViews can help your loved one stay acclimated to the time of day with our curated themes which include sunrise, sunset, and starry nights.

Family enjoying MemoryViews


For the healthcare field, use scenery and informationals to put your patients at ease during times of stress. This can include dentistry, office visits, and even hospital stays! We are currently part of a pilot program at a major hospital to study the effects of MemoryViews on anxiety in the Labor & Delivery Department.

Family enjoying MemoryViews

Business Use

Showcase your products, services, and success stories to educate, interest, and motivate your customers. If you’re family operated, create albums to make them feel they’re a part of your family. You can post calendars and birthdays, as well as display photos from company events. Make it your own to enhance your customer’s experience

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